Lanny Edwards defined the word "Pioneer".. A pioneer is defined as someone who discovers great things.. When looking at this dirt track thing in a broad perspective.. We have only had wheels for a little over 100 years.. The beginning stages of the motor vehicle.. Dirt track racing is not well known yet.. But years down the road people will look back into history and take note of our current small sport to which is on the rise.. When they research this I think that Lanny Edwards will be viewed as a pioneer... Discovering the Outlaws, Chili Bowl, Various Racing Organizations, Ted Johnson, Devil's Bowl, Lawton, OKC, and several other BIG discoveries that has made dirt track racing what it is today.. As well as boasting the sport into its current state.. Out of every major dirt racing sanction and organization, Lanny Edwards had talked to someone about it or had a part of it.. To us Lanny Edwards will be one of dirt track racing's greatest pioneers... He will be looked back upon hundreds and even thousands of years from now... As making some of the biggest discoveries in dirt track racing's history.